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In january and february costs the return ticket from central Europe to PPT = Tahiti - Papeete - Faaa with Air France about
1000 euro , it is 18.000 km far and with stop in Paris and Los Angeles it takes about 24 hours
Airport Tahiti - Faaa   :     From the airport Tahiti - Faaa fly about 5 daily airplanes to Bora Bora island , it is 250 km and return ticket with Air Tahiti
costs about 230 euro.   Air Tahiti Timetable Schedule Horaire Flugplan   :   Air Tahiti

From the port of Tahiti - Papeete go weekly perhaps 5 ferries - ships to Bora Bora. The 250 km takes about 16 hours
with long stops on Huahine , Raiatea and Tahaa. If the whole way would be by daylight , it will be the most beautiful
experience from Tahiti and the most beautiful experience in life for an european. One-way ticket costs about 15 euro
Ferries ships timetable to all islands , horaires schedule Fahrplan   :     tahiti . com
To Moorea island goes from Papeete ferry each one hour.

V zime , mimo Vanoce stoji zpatecni letenka z Prahy na Tahiti PPT ve vyhodne prodejne letenek asi 31.000 korun.
Let s prestupy Pariz a Los Angeles trva asi 24 hodin , je to 18.000 km daleko
Z letiste Tahiti - Faaa leta denne asi 5 letadel od Air Tahiti na ostrov Bora Bora , kam je to 250 km
a zpatecni letenka stoji asi 230 euro.   Letovy rad Air Tahiti ke vsem ostrovum   :   Air Tahiti

Z pristavu Tahiti - Papeete pluje asi 5 lodi tydne na ostrov Bora Bora. Tech 250 km se pluje 16 hodin s dlouhymi
zastavkami na Huahine , Raiatea a Tahaa. Byla-li by cela ta cesta za svetla , byl by to ten nejhezci zazitek z Tahiti
a nejhezci zazitek v zivote pro evropana. Zpatecni jizdenka stoji asi 15 euro. Lodni rad ke vsem ostrovum   :   Na ostrov Moorea pluje z Papeete kazdou hodinu lod.

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for information in France , USA , Deutschland , Espana , Japan , Australia , New Zealand , Great Britain , Italia ,
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Tahitian dictionary - vocabulaire tahitienne - slovnik Tahiti - tahitianisches Wörterbuch - diccionario tahitiano -
dictionnaire de Tahiti - bukabularyo ng Tahiti

300 postcards Tahiti Moorea Bora Bora old and new : 300 postales de Tahiti , 300 Postkarten Tahiti

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Animated musical christmas cards free to send as link in e-mails , english, deutsch, francais, espanol, italiano, cesky,
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Good-bye in Tahiti !   Au revoir a Tahiti !   Parahi oe i Tahiti !   Ua here vau ia oe !
Le President de Tahiti    Le Gouvernement de Tahiti    Is here a mistake , please to write.    Autor :   L. Konecny

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Radio Tiare FM online listen via internet from Tahiti zuhören
Escuchar live internet radio Tiare FM online ecouter de Tahiti

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