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Niagara Falls , Niagara river , Buffalo - New York - USA - Toronto - Ontario - Canada

Niagara Falls are on the 55 km long Niagara river between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario , between USA - state New York and Canada - state Ontario. Niagara Falls village 26 km far from Buffalo and 120 km far from Toronto. There go scheduled buses from Buffalo and scheduled buses and train from Toronto. In the american and canadian Niagara Falls village are enough hotels , campings , bed & breakfast houses and in Buffalo too. The american side has observation tower 86 m high , the canadian side has observation Skylon tower 150 m high and between both sides of the river there is Rainbow Bridge. From both sides are provided on the river boat tours Maid of the Mist as far as some meters from the falls from mid. May until mid. October. There is pedestrian bridge to Goat Island and from there through the Cave of the Winds you can walk down behind the falls. The Lake Ontario is 109 m under the Lake Erie. The american falls are 320 m wide and 56 m high. The canadian fall Horseshoe Falls is 675 m wide and 54 m high.
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Niagarske vodopady jsou na 55 km dlouhe rece Niagara , ktera spojuje jezero Erie a jezero Ontario , mezi USA - stat New York a Kanadou - stat Ontario. Niagara Falls village je 26 km daleko od Buffalo a 120 km daleko od Toronto. Na Niagarske vodopady jezdi pravidelne autobus z Buffalo a jezdi liniovy autobus a vlak z Toronta. V americke i v kanadske Niagara Falls village jsou cetne hotely , camping , bed & breakfast domy a v Buffalo take. Americka strana ma observacni vez 86 m vysokou , kanadska strana ma observacni vez Skylon tower 150 m vysokou a mezi obema stranami reky je most Rainbow Bridge. Z obou stran jsou poradany po rece toury cluny Maid of the Mist az nekolik metru k vodopadum od poloviny kvetna do poloviny rijna. Po moste pro chodce se jde na ostrov Goat Island a tam otevrenym tunelem Cave of the Winds se jde dolu za vodopady. Jezero Ontario je 109 m nize nez jezero Erie. Americky vodopad je 320 m siroky a 56 m vysoky. Kanadsky vodopad tvaru konske podkovy Horseshoe Falls je 675 m siroky a 54 m vysoky.
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