Moorea photos fotos photo foto
1. the church in Haapiti , la eglise de Haapiti
2. wild west coast of Haapiti
3. "nice our house" in Opunohu Bay
4. deep in the heart of Moorea

Sun protection :   By the way around island with bicycle or motor pirogue required protection against sun with long clothes , hat and suntan lotion !
Mosquitos :   In hotels and pensions must be windows and doors impermeable against mosquitos ! In large dormitory is it not possible to find all mosquitos !
Diarrhoea :   With all fruits required to eat also pills against diarrhoea because the diarrhoea will come very much easier than in cool countries !

Ochrana proti slunci :   Pri okruzni jizde kolem ostrova na kole nebo s motorovou pirogou nutna ochrana proti slunci s dlouhym odevem , kloboukem a opalovacim kremem !
Komari :   V hotelech a penzionech musi byt okna a dvere tesna proti komarum ! Ve velkem spacim sale neni mozno najiti vsechny komary !
Prujem :   Ke kazdemu ovoci nutno jisti take tablety proti prujmu , nebot prujem prijde velice moc snadneji nez v chladnych zemich !

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