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Iris Costanilla - Miss Philippines 1992 + 1993       Iris Amores       Iring Cabang       Miss Philippines
IRIS SUMILHIG COSTANILLA - born 9. August 1973 in 6127 San Carlos City - Negros Occidental - Pilipinas

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Negros Occidental Nabingkalan Bacolod Oriental Dumaguete Toledo City Cebu
The official website of the City of San Carlos Negros Occidental Philippines Pilipinas

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Weather , panahon : wunderground.com/global/stations/98646.html   Wetter , klima : wetteronline.de/Philippinen/Manila

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Beautiful Mount Mayon volcano 2462 m. Legazpi City Luzon

Miss Philippines                         Miss Philippines

Pilipina Iris Costanilla guwapa maganda binibini ng Pilipinas, San Carlos City. Philippines at Pilipinas und Philippinen y Filipinas a Filipíny = Bacolod at Dumaguete and Cebu City y Manila plus Negros Occidental. Information at info as informations and infos and philipine girls as photos y fotos as pictures.

... The new photo of Iris Costanilla 2012 - 39 years old - ang bagong larawan ng 2012 ...
... The second photo - ikalawa larawan ...

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