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Color border color borders frame frames for photo photos picture pictures pics image images fotografie fotografia in HTML script kod code programming with HTML editor :
The strength in pixel : 1px; 2px; 3px; 5px; 10px; etc., you can change for other strengths in pixels.
The color : black , 000000 , gray , silver , white , blue , green , red , yellow , pink , ABD5FE , AAFFAA , FFFFCC , FFEAEA etc., you can change for other colors.

Barevný rám rámeček barevné rámy rámečky border borders frame frames , na foto fotos obrázek obrázky fotografie obraz obrazy , HTML script v HTML scriptu kód kódování code programování HTML editor :
Šířky : 1px; 2px; 3px; 5px; 10px; a jiné , je možno libovolně měnit.
Barvy : black , 000000 , gray , silver , white , blue , green , red , yellow , pink , ABD5FE , AAFFAA , FFFFCC , FFEAEA a jiné , je možno libovolně změnit.

<img src="" border=3"></a>

<img src="" style="border: solid 3px; border-color: blue"></a>

<table border="2" bordercolor="009900"><tr><td><img src=""></a></td></tr></table>

<img src="" style="border: double 10px; border-color: gray"></a>

<img src="" style="border: dotted 5px; border-color: red"></a>

<img src="" style="border: dashed 5px; border-color: lightsalmon"></a>

<img src="" style="border: inset 10px; border-color: ABD5FE"></a>

<img src="" style="border: outset 10px; border-color: AAFFAA"></a>

<img src="" style="border: groove 10px; border-color: orange"></a>

<img src="" style="border: ridge 10px; border-color: pink"></a>

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Bobby Watson Bobby Watson
Bobby Watson 1942 photo
About Adolf Hitler are made about 10 comedies , grotesques , not only Charlie Chaplin - Great Dictator. In USA in Hollywood
as Adolf Hitler ist the most famous actor Bobby Watson , born 1888 , he plays 5 comedies , grotesques in the roll as
Adolf Hitler. His movie : That natzy nuisance = The Last Three is maybe better than the Great Dictator with Charles Chaplin.
Film comedy : That Natzy Nuisance = The Last Three , 1942 - 1943 , 43 minutes :
Actors play rolls : Bobby Watson = Adolf Hitler , Joe Devlin = Benito Mussolini , Johnny Arthur = Suki Yaki , Jean Porter =
Kelam , Ian Keith = Chief Paj Mab , Rex Evans = Hermann Göring , Wedgwood Nowell = Heinrich Himmler , Charles Rogers =
Joseph Goebbels , Regie : Glenn Tryon , Production : Hal Roach , who producted also the films with Laurel and Hardy
Here is to see 1 minute video online : B001GGTN2S + B0016H2QSA Amazon,04890b30f862c62003e9.html =
We can perhaps buy it somewhere as DVD or VHS for 10 US dollars. Bobby Watson was living 1888 - 1965 and plays films
Amazon : B001GGTN2S = B0016H2QSA   Film comedy Komödie comedia komedie grotesque Grotesk grotesco groteska movie pelicula