Oahu photos :
1. The japanese Byodo- in Temple north of Kaneohe , Valley of the Temples
2. The clifs of Nuuanu Pali , where 1795 the soldiers fighting in battle against King Kamehameha 1. fell down
3. + 4. The island Chinamanīs Hat or Moko-Lii in north end of Kaneohe Bay

Oahu fotos :
1. Japonsky Byodo in Temple severne od Kaneohe , Valley of the Temples
2. Utesy Nuuanu Pali , kde 1795 vojaci bojujici v bitve proti krali Kamehameha 1. padali dolu
3. + 4. Ostruvek cinsky klobouk Chinamanīs Hat nebo Moko-Lii na severnim konci zatoky Kaneohe Bay

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