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The portfolio of 20-30 stocks you can hold forever just because of dividends as a pension

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The best book on stocks and investment
Stocks and Exchange - the only Book you need    
    Author: Ladis Konecny

308 pages 17 x 22 cm     ISBN 9783848220656     contents in PDF     book cover in PDF
The best english book on stocks and investment


Also Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch could like some of these stocks. Using the strategy and method of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, John Templeton, Peter Lynch, we can buy these stocks. I bought also some of these stocks for my fund in value investing style.

Fundamental analysis : , , , Focus Money, Handelsblatt, Euro am Sonntag, Börse Online.
Technical analysis stock chart and indicator MACD RSI : + +
When to buy the stocks, shares :
P/E = KGV = price/earnings = good is < 15, better < 10.
P/S = KUV = price/sales = good is < 3, better < 1.
P/B = KBV = price/book value = good is < 3, better < 1.
P/C = KCV = price/cash flow = good is < 15, better < 5.
PEG = P/E/earnings growth = price/earnings/earnings growth = the best is < 1.
Earnings growth is good > 20% this year and the next year too.
ROE = return on equity = Eigenkapitalrendite, is good > 15%.
Earnings = Gewinn = beneficio, book value = Buchwert = valor contable, sales = Umsatz = ventas.
Some blue chip stocks from Eurostoxx50 and Dow Jones hold forever, 50 years only for dividends, it is the best pension insurance.

The intelligent investor like you and me and Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Peter Lynch , Ben Graham:
The most profitable pension insurance are the dividends from stocks with a low P/E, P/S, P/B, from stocks with above average dividends, from old and large enterprises and banks with earnings, sales and dividend growing 10% annually in the past 10 years, from the USA, western Europe and Canada. So we have the pension at once and since the year of stock purchase and our dividends are each 8-10 years double. The company must not be affected by the competition, it needs an economic moat against competitors. These stocks we will hold non-stop forever. They can fall 50% in each one decade, but a capital growth about 160% will stay each one decade and our children will inherit our stocks.
People must pay into a normal pension insurance at least 12 years, or the pension is available at 65 years. The pension will be double after 70 years and children will not inherit it.
Stop loss order: we must avoid it, because when we buy cheap stocks and the company's earnings growth, we don't sell stocks at a loss in a bad mood. We should wait some years for a high profit, until the share will be overpriced, or the company's earnings will no more grow. After the purchase, the share can fall 30% because of a correction. The stocks bought for dividends as a pension bought and forever held, they can fall 50% each one decade. But they will be again at the top after 4-6 years and they will never be sold, because only the dividends are important. Technology stocks and cyclic stocks will be sold after some years, when they will be overpriced, or the company's earnings will no more grow.
Rating avoid. All banks, rating agencies and magazines publish the rating BUY - SELL or a recommendation total reversed, we must turn it around. Because they promote overvalued stocks, or stocks from companies with dropping earnings. But we should buy cheap stocks with a low P/E, P/S, P/B, from enterprises with growing earnings. The rating, the target price, the price target are a fraud and criminal and nobody should publish it, nor participate on this fraud. The technology stocks and cyclic stocks hold for 2-7 years are attractive, if the company's earnings grow at least 20% this year and later too.

1 = knowledge.     2 = value investing.     3 = safety.     4 = evaluate stocks.     5 = P/E < 15.     6 = P/S < 3.
7 = P/B < 3.     G = growth of earnings > +15% per year.     8 = low debt/equity.     9 = portfolio of shares.
10 = buy and hold.     11 = patience 3 to 5 years.     12 = wealth or one million dollars.
value investing image valueinvesting photo

Building wealth or earn one million dollars on the stock exchange:
The cornerstone is the knowledge that the best method is a value investing. It signifies a high degree of safety or a low risk. It is necessary to evaluate the shares correctly. Buy only stocks with a P/E = KGV below 15, P/S = KUV below 3, P/B = KBV below 3, a good growth of company earnings is 15% per year and more. Search for a company with a low debt/equity ratio! Create a portfolio of 6 to 30 cheap stocks from different sectors. There the "buy and hold strategy" will work. Ignore the stock exchange, it is completely indifferent to how deep go stocks into the red, never sell stocks at a loss. Have the patience 3 to 5 years to hold your stocks until they will be overpriced at around P/E 25 or P/S 4 or P/B 6, or when the company's earnings will not grow more than +5% per year. Then we will sell stocks and buy other cheap stocks from companies with earnings growing 15% annually. After some purchases and sales of stocks, after 10 years or several decades, we could reach one million of dollars, it just wants the patience and the value investing.

  Fundamental Analysis - how expensive the stock and how strong the enterprise must be

  Technical analysis - when buy and sell stocks the traders, no investors

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Books on Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, for the right portfolio of european, american stocks.

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Author L. Konecny *1954

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