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The best pension insurance is the eternal investment in stocks of large and old companies and banks, which are not harmed by the competition and in the long term, increase dividends, earnings, sales, book values and the cash flow, the best 10% per annum. You must buy the stocks cheaply, with low ratios P/E, P/B, P/S and P/C. These stocks from the United States and Western Europe are mostly in the indices: Dow Jones, EuroStoxx50, DAX and STOXX 50. You must distribute the money regularly on 10 to 30 different stocks and buy them constantly throughout your life until your retirement. You should avoid the companies, harmed by the competition such as Nokia or General Motors, the bankruptcy threatens them. If you will get sufficient dividends, you can go in pension early and live only from dividends. If you will have in your retirement enough of another income, you can sell your stocks at each overvaluation and buy them after a crash cheaply again. But if you need the dividends constantly, let your expensive stocks in a crash fall on 1/2 or 1/3, no matter how deep, because they will be six years later back on the top again. The pension from dividends is the best, because it rises annually and the widow and children will inherit it. The dividends of some companies increase 10% annually. If it will go so always, you will have a doubling of your income every 8 years and in the 38th year, your children will get so high dividends, as 100% of today's value of the investment, if the dividend yield is 3% net of the stock price today. The best pension insurance and the optimal valuation of stocks is described in this book.

Stocks and Exchange - the only Book you need

Author : Ladis Konecny ISBN 9783848220656     contents in PDF     book cover in PDF    

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