The best country music and blues from 2008 : Lay Low + album Farewell Good Night´s Sleep

Lay Low 41 minutes video and 2008 best girl´s country and blues songs :


The best song on CD album Farewell Good Night´s Sleep is song nr.11 = The Country Ballad - 2,37 minutes. Here click to listen on Windows Media Player, music format MP3 the best country music : The Country Ballad - mp3

Last Time Around - MP3 song 3,15 minutes long listen and play with Windows Media Player - maybe the best one song from 11 songs on girl´s Lay Low´s 2008 new album Farewell Good Night´s Sleep :

25 the best songs of Lay Low listen total long : country music + blues :

Listen 30 seconds each one song from 11 country songs on Lay Low´s 2008 album Farewell Good Night´s Sleep :
And you can buy the CDs records from , , ,

Discussion with Lay Low , you can talk with her : Diskussion , Diskuse :

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